Dog behaviour prices and packages

Coco used to react to dogs when out on a walk but just look at her now! So proud of her and her owners for all the hard work, they have put in. Well done!

So what is the Price?

Initial Consultation:
Our behaviour sessions start with an initial consultation, in person and at the comfort of your own home which lasts for approximately one and a half hours. Within that time, we will have an in-depth conversation about your dog’s current behaviour, how you have previously tried to overcome the behaviours and what you, the owners’ expectations are and what you hope to achieve with the training. From there, we will explain the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour and how we are going to lay down the foundations for you and your dog’s training. This will include:
– Threshold training – how to keep your dog under threshold and decrease their stressful events.
– How to minimise real – life stressful situations for you and your dog.
– Enrichment activities and planning for safe walks whilst you undergo training, if applicable.
– Teach you and your dog a cue to “get out of there” when you both get caught too close to the triggers.
– Implement step-by -step training and behaviour plans for you to work through in between sessions.
– Plus much more
During the first consultation we will always be hands on which means we will demonstrate all training exercises set for you with your own dog and also get you, the owner involved with the training too. This then leads your homework, where we set several easy tasks for you to work through whilst you wait for your dog’s full behaviour report.
Your behaviour report is in-depth as it covers everything, we covered during your consultation including what steps we are going to take to help you and your dog overcome their current behavioural problems. The report also includes an action plan on how to move forward, a step -by -step guide and also tasks for you to achieve ready for your follow up session and your report is usually sent to you via email 36 hours after your initial consultation. If you prefer, your report can also be sent via post.

Your dog will also receive a goodie bag which includes a tote bag, a toy, some tasty treats, some natural chews, and a booklet on canine mental stimulation.

The cost for the initial consultation of One and a half hours = £80

You will also received four months free email, telephone and WhatsApp support after your final behaviour session for behaviours we have previously worked through.

Additional sessions can be booked at the cost of £80 per session.
Each additional session is for the duration of one and a half hours.
You will also receive an in-depth follow – on report after each follow session.

Did you know, you can also book a package?
Behaviour Packages:

1 session with initial consultation = £160
(1 initial consultation and 1 follow on session = total of 2 sessions)

2 sessions with consultation – £240
(1 consultation with 2 practical sessions = total of 3 sessions)

3 sessions with consultation – £300 (£75 per session)
(1 consultation with 3 practical sessions = total of 4 sessions)

4 sessions with consultation – £375 (£75 per session)
(1 consultation with 4 practical sessions = total of 5 sessions)

Additional sessions can be booked at the price of £60 per session.
Additional Dog/s:
An extra half hour per session including a plan for your additional dog – £50

All of our Behaviour Consultations are based on a “pay as you go” service which means you are not tided down to long term commitments and you can pay for each session individually if preferred rather than paying all upfront. As everydog is different and each one learns at a different rate as not every package is suitable for your needs, therefore Behind the Mind Training offer a service where you can have many or as little behaviour consultations as you prefer, However, with all behaviour consultation we do strongly advise you have a minimum of three sessions. Options will be discussed at the time of your assessment!

There may be an additional fee if you live outside of our catchment area. This will be discussed prior to your consultation, if it applies to you.

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