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Behind the Mind Training and Behaviour

Using Modern day, scientific reward based training that will be effective and fun. We cover Redditch, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and the West Midlands.

Our Aims

We work closely with our clients and their dogs to ensure that our customers are getting the best of our services by providing training and behaviour modification programs that are not only achievable but we set out realistic goals for our clients to achieve.

Behind the Mind Training focuses on ethincal values, promoting scientific reward based training and behaviour and developing a postivie relationship between the client and their best friend. Our aim is not to only enhance a greater bond and overcome the the struggles you are currently facing but to also educate the client on their dog’s emotional state by going Behind the Mind.

Our Services

Puppy Training

Individual one to one training sessions to help with teaching your puppy the lifeskills they require to lead a happy and confident life including recall, socalisation skills, mouthing and nipping behaviours plus much more.

Rescue Dog Training

Rescue dogs are special! We invest the time and patience with the client and their rescue dog on a one on one basis as we teach the dog how to adapt and interact in a “normal” enviroment so they can make the most of their new life with you.

Adult Dog Training

Basic to advanced training techniques to help with individual training needs in the comfort of your own home on a one on one basis such as recall, lead work, jumping up behaviours and much more.

Behaviour Consultations

Behavioural issues arise all the time for many different reasons and gaining a good understanding of the reasons why is crucial to successful long term behaviour change. Our advice and specific tailored behaviour plans help the client and the dog make the right right and appropriate choices for a successful life ahead.

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Callie learning to generalise her recall skills at her local park, with distractions.

The bond between you and your dog is special, so wouldn’t it be amazing if you could understand what your dog was thinking and be able to use this knowledge to communicate with them by helping our four legged friends make the right choices in all situations, even when they may feel under pressure, stressed or threatened.

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If you are interested in any of our Training and Behaviour services provided by Behind the Mind Training and Behaviour then please do get in touch with us either by filling out our enquiry form or contact me directly with the phone number provided above. Please ensure you leave a message stating your contact details! You can also contact us via Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and sms message.

Feed Back

Can’t thank Amy enough. We had a hyper puppy Jessie who is a staffy. With Amy’s guidance and her experience we now have a more calmer family home. Me nad my family would highly recommend Behind the Mind. Amy is such a lovely lady and you can see that she absouletly adores dogs/puppys and she is amazing. Thank you so so much and will be meeting up again soon.
– Steffie Peevor –
I bought my rescue dog to Amy to help me build a bond with my dog and learn training skills. Amy always made training fun and looked at real life situations like car noises and gonig to the vets which really helped my Labrador. Shel loves the vets now and I truely believe its because of this training.
– Luke jemson –

Excellant professional service 10/10. would definatly recommend. We have a 10 month old Border Collie and we needed help with his walks as he was “fixated” on a field. Amy helped us understand the reasoning and that our collie, Charlie was actually really nervous and anxious and later learnt the best loose lead walking solutions and the click a treat works fantastic. Me and my partner were very pleased with the serivce and will continue to train Charlie’s loose lead walking the best way possible so he will be a happier doggy on his walks in future. – Rachael Wood –

Charlie’s lead work

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