*** Please note*** All items in the shop are currently only available to purchase at the time of your consultation. Depending on the demand, I may look into expanding the options of buying on line at a later date.

Currently Available

Training lead

6ft training lead with double ended clips and attachments to shorten or extend the lead.

Current price – £8


Clickers come in to colours black or blue

Current price – £3 each

Medium Kong

Only red colour currently available

Current Price – £8 each

Large Kong

The extreme Kongs a good for your dogs that have a strong chew/bite.

Only avaiable in black

Current price £10 each

Extra Large Kong

Current Price – £12 each

Currently out of stock

Meduim Treat Bag

Current price £5 each

Small Treat Bag

Current price £3 each

Licki Mat

Colours may vary

Current price £3 each

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