Success Stories


Blaze is a 13 year old rescue Collie cross German Shepherd who had several negative experiences with children in his previous homes.

He was a very anxious dog when meeting new people and previously reacted by barking, growling and lunging when being walked.

Over time, Blaze has thrived in training to overcome his fear of new people13-year-old and his confidence has dramatically improved in recent years.


Chudley was a working Labrador who had always lived outdoors and rarely set paw inside his family home. When his owner passed away, we helped Chudley understand basic obedience, living with previously unfamilair nosies such as the TV and also living with another dog. Within weeks, Chudley settled in very well and intergrated perfectly with his new family.


Bruno suffered from separation anxiety and would chew the walls when left home alone. By implementing a behaviour modification program, we were able to teach him to relax and to choose to lay down at times when attention wasn’t available. This allowed the family to be able to leave Bruno home alone without fear of destruction!

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